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Publisher: Cthulhu Architect Modern Maps

“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.

― Terrence Mann, Actor

This is a theater map with several variations. You will find a 2-floor map for every variation – as the VIP only visit the second floor to watch a show with more privacy.

You will find included some variations like Crime Scene variation, Stage Furniture variation, Stage Accident variation.

Included you will find:
all maps without watermark
grid & gridless
several variations
JPG Files in many resolutions (70 PPI, 140 PPI, 256 PPI)
PDF Files with the gridded maps ready-to-print

Theater – Ground Floor

Theater – Balcony

Theater – Ground Floor – Splatter

Theater – Balcony – Splatter

Theater – Ground Floor – Crime Scene

Theater – Balcony – Crime Scene

Theater – Ground Floor – Full Stage

Theater – Balcony – Full Stage

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