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Publisher: David Nielson

Less Paperwork, More Play! Less Downtime, More Dungeon Delving! Speed Up Your Character Creation.

This set of printed character class reference cards is compatible with Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy. It contains class reference cards for cleric, dwarf, elf, fighter, halfling, magic-user, and thief player characters. For our gaming group, copying character class information to character sheets was time-consuming and boring. They just wanted to quickly grab a handy reference sheet with all the needed details and play. That is why I created these reference cards–to help facilitate class selection by players (they just pass them around) and to eliminate the need to copy class abilities and other information from the game books to character sheets. The cards are a huge timesaver during character creation and help you get your players into the action as soon as possible.

Although these class reference cards are specifically designed to be compatible with Old-School Essentials, they will also work with other B/X-derived OSR games as well.

These sturdy, double-sided, low-gloss, UV-coated cards are printed in a 6″ x 6″ format so they are easily readable and can conveniently fit right next to a character sheet without taking up too much space. Only the Classic Fantasy classes are included because the Advanced Fantasy classes are not Open Content.

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