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Publisher: Kent David Kelly

The Essential Basic/Expert (B/X) Character Sheet is Here!


Have you ever looked at your featureless character sheet and felt … uninspired?

Have you ever had difficulty visualizing your character, or explaining what he or she looks like to the Game Master and other players?

Instead of a monochromatic office form approach, wouldn’t you rather use a full color, intuitively designed character record that gives you everything you need at a glance, electronically or in print?

Don’t you want to look at your character and feel your imagination come alive?

And what if your character record was easy to use, editable, customizable, 8.5×11 letter-sized printable, and savable too?


You’re in luck. The Castle Oldskull Essential Character Sheet, a third party release from Wonderland Imprints that is 100% compatible with Old-School Essentials, is now available to you in PDF file form. It includes a full-color character portrait, an elegant and thematic quick reference format, and hundreds of form fillable fields to accommodate your typing and updates.

Please feel free to take a look at the previews to see what it all looks like. Note that DriveThru’s small preview does not always work correctly with graphics-heavy imagery; all page backgrounds in the PDF files are white.

In this product you will receive both a blank PDF file (fillable with your own character details), as well as a fully completed NPC sheet from the World of Oldskull: City of Grimrook campaign, Morrigan of the Iron Wolf Clan. This character is 100% ready to go if you want to play right away.


If you have Adobe Acrobat DC software, with this product you can easily enter numbers and text, delete text, edit as you like, save, and reopen with all of your adventure and character details intact. Please note that I have not experimented with unofficial PDF tools, but if they are Adobe complaint they will probably work for you as well. I cannot promise tech support, phone support, or full compatibility with unofficial PDF tools.

All of your essential character information will fit on two sheets, file pages 2 and 3. You could print those back to back if you like. Additionally, a unique third Oldskull Lore Sheet features many more character details which you can draw upon from the World of Oldskull campaign. This section is 100% faithful to my third party, 5-star rated, OSE-aligned book, Castle Oldskull Game Supplement, Book I: Character Creation, which you can find separately here:–Character-Creation

I hope you enjoy this character sheet and the others like it. (I am releasing many other character portraits, and interesting NPCs from the Free City State of Grimrook campaign, if this one is not quite what you are looking for.)


If you want to know more about Grimrook and Castle Oldskull, my free introductory supplement (inspired by the Castle Oldskull / Bundle of Holding fundraiser endeavor participants of 2022) here:–Exiles-of-the-Scarlet-Tabard

Another fine release from Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints, Only the Finest Works of Fantasy.


Disclaimer: This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning.

The software used to create the raw output of this artwork was Midjourney AI, as prompted and curated by Kent David Kelly. Additional necessary refinement software (“Handcrafted” in DriveThruRPG parlance) used by Kent David Kelly to further customize the individual raw AI outputs included the following, with between four and seven software suites being used per piece: [1] Affinity Photo, [2] ChaiNNer, [3] FaceApp, [4] GFPGAN Inference, [5] Microsoft Picture Manager, [6] Paint Classic, [7] PowerPoint, [8] Python Colaboratory (Colab), [9] PyTorch, and [10] 4x_Deviance_60000G.pth.


(This product was created with the pre-installed Maiandra GD font, which you can download onto your computer if you do not already have it.)

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