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Publisher: CityKey Design

Slowly you begin to wake up from your slumber. You feel it in your essence, the time for the next convention of the spirits of nature is near. This time they will come here in the sacred forest, to dine, to harmonise and to discuss.
As you rise from your refuge you notice that something is off. There is more life in the woods than you expected. It is loud, it smells, it feels uncomfortable.

There are Humans in the middle of the Sacred Woods.

You have to do something, before the first spirits arrive. You have to get rid of the…

CitSW is part of the DrivethruRPG’s 2022 “Summer Camp” game jam.

Campers !?! in the Sacred Woods (CitSW) is a RPG where you and 1 to 3 friends try to get rid of human Campers by frightening them and spoiling their fun, before the congress of the Spirits begins. You have to be careful. If the Humans realise that higher powers are at work here, they will come here en mass to investigate and to gain profit from it.

You play as a spirit of the forest. You can be an elemental phenomenon, talking animal, moving plant, or even creatures from the world of myths itself.

2 – 4 player, GM less
two twelfe sided dice (2D12)
20 pages, character sheets, Camper sheet
2 to 4 hours, no preparation
Everything that lives in the Forest and ghost stuff

The sources of the Artwork (header, cover) are cited in the preview.

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