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Publisher: Avant Novis Gaming, LLC

The Ancient Lands, a place where adventure has never ended and wonders are constantly being rediscovered. From Jungle to burning deserts explore this richly detailed world. 

This Campaign map gives Game Masters, and Narrators a richly detailed world in which they can create the most epic of campaigns. 

This is one of our Extreme Detailed maps. See every hill, river, and mountain. This massive map will give game creators a dynamic location to run their adventures in.

This Map pack offers the following:

A “Realistic”Full sized map of the Campaign setting. 10800 x7200 resolution

A “traditional fantasy” Full sized map showing terrain under the jungle. 10800 x7200 resolution

Half sized maps

A map for ready to be loaded in to a VTTs

A atlas for ease of use

Each individual image for ease of use

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