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Publisher: Kismet Games

Camp Hollow Hills NEEDS its alumni to save the day!

No thanks to the pandemic, the Camp has been dormant and lonely for two years. Now, it needs its former campers who know and love the camp to get it ship-shape for the coming summer and a new generation of Hollars. Without new blood, the Camp will have to close its doors, and you don’t want that to happen.

Yet as your PCs recall past glories with fellow legacy campers, they also uncover deeper problems at the camp — a curse that will soon befall the grounds unless righted. Will the PCs be able to forestall this ruin, or will the true founder of Camp Hollow Hills come to reclaim it?

Camp Hollow Hills is a standalone game for PocketQuest 2022, but the adventure could easily be adapted to a favorite supernatural investigative RPG.

All you need to play are printouts of the sheets, some pencils and a deck of cards.

This title contains:

CHH_PocketQuest — Camp Hollow Hills game and adventure
CHH_PCsheet — Tri-fold brochure-style character sheet
CHH_PCsheet_Form — A form-fillable pdf of the character sheet
CHH_PlayAids — A play mat with a point-map (2 versions: default clock, blank clocks), and a GM mat

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