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Publisher: Black Guard Press

Spend your summer at Camp B.A.D.Co – proven to have an “acceptable” number of deaths and injuries by several investigatory agencies!  

Ready to go off to college but not sure what you’re going to do afterwards?

Have you ever considered a career with Bold AeroDynamics Company (the world’s leading manufacturer of after market fins, fenders and spoilers for bicycles, scooters and skateboards.)
Sign up for Camp B.A.D.Co. To learn more about business, our company and just maybe…yourself.

Grab your hiking boots, bug spray, tetanus shot and come on down. It’ll look great on your college applications and you might even win an internship at B.A.D.Co.

Camp B.A.D.Co uses and includes a subset of Non-Essential Personnel (also available on DriveThruRPG,) where characters are cheap and death is entertaining.

A PocketQuest 2022 Product.

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