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Publisher: Breaker Press Games

Terrorizing the North Road between Stennard and Hastrull, the Cacophonous Bandits roam the Mangled Hills, preying on merchants and other travelers. They aren’t soldiers. They are some of the rural folk from between settlements. Their name is derived from their method of intimidation – they bang on pots, pans, and any other loud instruments they have from their previous lives as bakers, cobblers, and ironmongers. They banded together because they have nothing left other than each other. They do not wish to kill their former neighbors, but they will survive by any means are necessary.

This a pamphlet-sized, DCC RPG compatible encounter set in the region around Stennard. It can be played on its own as a simple bandit encounter, or it can be tied to rumors referenced in The Stennard Courier Vol. 1, Wide-eyed Terror, Cleft in the Mangled Hills, and The Protectorate of Jenulane. It is suitable for levels 0-2.

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