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Publisher: Fat Dragon Games


Welcome to a world that is on the verge of chaos and war. Welcome to the year 4090 in Warhammer universe as we travel on the Horkonian Finn ship. We are nearing the planet Zion as we board this ship’s captain’s quarters. The captain of this ship is a kinda old high elf named Leofir Cordos. 

This near 600 year old 6ft 4 high elf with gray hair has been captain for over 300 years and has been in charge of the zendored space core for 100 years. It is the space core which brings all manner of trade to the world and beyond the realms of space itself. 

As the ship approaches the planets pull, we are greeted by a burst of light as five people enter the captains quarters. 

Please introduces your chartures.

The Zendored space core needs you to inspect the planet, analyze what’s going on, and report back once you’ve gotten into the space pods, which you feel like you can’t even move in and don’t see anything until we depart from the spaceship.

A previous expedition was lost from contact many years ago in the realm of chaos, and the expedition was sent there to investigate the loss. The party has been frozen in time for the past hundred years. 

When the ship approached planet Zion, a malfunction caused its stasis pods to be ejected. An explosion followed. The planet Zion has a large landmass and even larger oceans, as well as large mountain ranges scattered across its surface. 

In the Realm of Fire, Khorne’s rule has settled, with only a few rebels left. While Khorne’s worshipers adjust to the peace, another deity is about to attack and try to conquer the Realm. People will begin to be afraid of Slaneesh’s daemonic army…

Blood for the Blood God is meant as a one-shot set in the original setting of Warhammer. Age of Sigmar, and it is meant to last from 2 to 4 hours.

If you’re a player, stop reading here! From now on, this info are GM-only intended.

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