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Publisher: Paizo

Hello Reader,

I am a new writer that has been playing Table Top Roleplaying Games for about 6 years now and have always been amazed at how others have shared knowledge and creations with others and have enjoyed doing so myself. I made this creation to help not only be part of the community but to positively contribute to it as it has helped contribute to me and my games as well. As you figured this book is about skill feats which I feel are in biggest need of expansion in this already solid system. It’s fairly small with the total book being 15 pages ranging from trained skill feats to legendary skill feats. Some examples are predicting weather, contacting outsiders to warn you of danger, using food to heal others, harvesting poison from dangerous creatures and using lies to rewrite someone’s memeories. I hope that I can help add some spice and fun to your games with these skill feats and if you wish to discuss the content then feel free to.

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