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Publisher: Handiwork Games

In this Tenth Digital Pack of bonus content for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, we bring you:

A new battle map – the battle at the ford
A PDF of new rules for collecting Monster Parts by Jacob Rodgers
A PDF featuring the Holt Folc by Jacob Rodgers – a new monster for your adventures
A PDF article on the importance of centre-boss shields in the Early Medieval era
2 new music tracks 
6 NPC portraits by Scott Purdy
6 VTT tokens of the NPC portraits 

BEOWULF Age of Heroes for fifth edition presents a host of rules to enable duet play – for one GM and one player.

“BEOWULF: Age of Heroes is a vast treasure-hoard that shows how you can hone the rules for 5e to make them cut like the edge of a long-seax and sing like a Scop.” – Francesco Nepitello, designer of The One Ring Roleplaying Game

One of the oldest recorded stories in Western Europe, Beowulf  is the ultimate tale of hero vs. monster – and now a dramatic, 5e setting.

Discover a fierce background of wild seas and savage monsters, of meadhalls and of heirloom swords that bear legendary names. Gain Followers, take Inspiration from unique Portents, and use our specially crafted tokens to guide your voyage along the Whale Road.


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