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Publisher: KidneyBoy

Barber Shop and Hair Salon

From classic gangster films to the Luke Cage TV series, barbershops have seen a lot of action, but they’re also community hubs — places to meet casually and exchange gossip, or hold organised meetings and make plans.

The same can be said for Hair Salons.

And they’re small enough to fit into a single Battlemap as neighboring businesses!

Just as an aside, for the Vintage (1920/30s) Hair Salon variations I added hair dryers appropriate for the time. If you’re curious, do an image search for ‘1920s hair dryer’. You’ll find some pretty whacky contraptions!


This pack includes 9 variations of the map (36 total map images).

Vintage (1920s/30s)
Modern Abandoned
Vintage Abandoned
Modern Protest Meeting (signs being created; table set up for planning)
Vintage Protest Meeting
Modern Trouble (debris, broken glass, etc (result of a storm, fight, riot, supernatural event?)
Vintage Trouble
Modern Crime Scene Investigation

Every variation comes with gridded/ungridded and night/day (or open/closed) versions.


15 by 15 squares (2100 × 2100 px)

Designed for use with VTTs

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