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Publisher: Desert Dragon Games


Summer camp ghost stories have been blown way out of proportion. In truth, ghosts are a friendly and neighborly bunch who have received a bad rap. All they need is a little guidance to avoid giving the living the heebie-jeebies.

Take on the persona of a spectral Afterlife Retreat Team (ART) Camp counselor. Participants in ART Camp elect to attend, hoping to acquire skills and strategies to effectively express their charitable and friendly natures without spooking any living mortals they associate with.

Join Festus, Frumpus, and an eclectic group of spooks as you guide a team of ghosts through a series of camp challenges and activities. Will you coach your team to victory or spend your time putting out literal and figurative fires?

ART Camp is held at corresponding times and venues with summer camps for living pre-teens. No better place to practice and compete than in live situations involving emotionally unstable adolescents. Because nothing could ever go wrong when you mix ghosts with summer camp youth, can it?

ART Camp is a PocketQuest 2022 challenge submission and uses a pool of standard six-sided dice to resolve Tests.

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