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Publisher: Dungeon Rogues

GE-004. An Illness. This is the fourth adventure in the Green with Envy series. The first 3 Adventures are compiled in Volume 1: Green with Envy

An Illness is an adventure created for 4 characters of level 3-7. This adventure is campaign setting neutral and can easily take place in any fantasy world. The total potential number of experience points to be awarded by this adventure are:  8400 XP

Nightmares infiltrate the royal family, laying them low.  Beasts of the forest are driven mad with pain.  The town is caught in between.


The House of Wainsyl is brought low by a dark tide. The Duke, Prince, the Royal Guards, and the servants are all plagued by awful nightmares.

Duchess Wainsyl, a secret half-elf, has managed to avoid the corrupting dreams due to her fey blood. She has been watching in horror as the people around her degrade, and now she finds herself in a difficult position.  She needs help but showing any weakness could provoke the city’s growing dark forces.  She must somehow find a cure to restore her family and her lands.

Meanwhile, the Old Greenswood has come under a new threat: The Splintered. The forest creatures have become twisted and enraged, their forms bristling with sharp spikes and thorns growing from their hides.

The lands are changing as the ancient green dragon, Eddrantayr, regains power from beyond the grave. With the help of his minion Felldran, his power fuels nightmares and transforms The Splintered.  The people’s rising fear steadily rebuilds the wyrm’s power.

What’s Included?

Map. Area mapped and ready for your VTT. Gridded and Non-Gridded option.
Monsters. All of the Monsters and stat blocks needed to play right away. Includes unique Splintered creature type applied to Giant Boar, Dire Wolf, Giant Ape, and Wyvern

Adventure. Easy to follow Adventure that works as a one-shot or continues the 12-part Green with Envy Adventure Series. .

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