Publisher: Grim Press

A Big Book of NPCs for Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Allies & Antagonists: A Big Book of NPCs is your complete resource for breathing life into your non-player characters. No longer will your players need to converse with a simple guard or commoner. The NPCs detailed in this book give Game Masters unique art, lore, and game stats; you’ll be sure to find something suitable to help craft memorable adventures at your table!

Allies & Antagonists contains the following:

NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS – Introduce your players to over 100 new NPCs, each with unique art, lore, and game stats.
MAGIC ITEMS – Some of the NPCs in this book wield power magic items. Maybe they will offer one as a reward?
ART – Enjoy a fully-illustrated book with over 125 pieces of amazing art by Bob Greyvenstein.
HYPERLINKED PDF – Each of the NPCs is broken down by Challenge Rating, with hyperlinks so you can quickly navigate the book.
200 PAGES – There is no shortage of content here! Enjoy 90,000+ words spread across 200 pages full of NPCs to populate your campaigns!

This book would not have been possible without the support of our amazing supporters on Kickstarter! Thank you all so much

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