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Publisher: Hex Games

Board your akashic titan, a giant magic-powered metal behemoth, and soar across the Bands to the Inner World, a subterranean land where the kingdoms of Deltos and Voltor wage an eternal war. Based on the Golden Age comics by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt brings to life a setting where the heroic general Blue Bolt battles the beautiful-but-wicked Green Sorceress and her high-tech Green Empire, in a land of magic, ray guns, dragons, mutants, gangsters, and romance.

Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt is written and illustrated by Leighton Connor and Joshua LH Burnett, the co-creators of the Leopard Women of Venus RPG setting. This is the second volume of the Akashic Titan zine; the first volume is not required for use of this setting. 

This book includes:

An overview of the akashic titans and the Bands;
The history and culture of Deltos and Voltor, including random tables and NPCs;
Stats for the para-gun, the lightning pistol, the
armored rocket car, Lifto Discs, vitala reflectors, and the unpredictable Compound-N;  
New monsters, like the Croco-Tiger, the Floom, and the Voltorion Dragon;  
Resources for the Judge, including story hooks;
A new character class, the Akashic Engineer;
And much more!
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