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Publisher: Studio M—

All the staple content your veilweavers need to excel in and out of combat!

Akashic Staples collates and updates all the staple content from a variety of sources, and introduces a bunch of new content to make the akashic system run just a bit more smoothly and to open up a few more options for the system as a whole!

Included in this book are:

Staple Feats Twenty-nine feats, including reprinted feats tweaked to interact more cohesively as a whole, and a bunch of new feats to fill missing gaps and provide new options!

Akashic Traits A whole new category of traits, Akashic traits, including a few reprints altered to fit this new category, some brand new options, as well as an Exemplar trait for akasha!

Updated Veilweaving Rules The most up-to-date version of the veilweaving rules that fixes a few minor issues and includes new clarifications!

Staple Veils Nine staple veils that almost any veilweaver can find useful for both combat and noncombat purposes!

Minor Veilweaving Rules A reprinting and updating of the Minor Veil rules, including new optional rules to make the system more accessable for your games!

Minor Veils Reprintings of all the minor veils released to date, as well as a bunch of new minor veils to fill even more of your minorly magical niches!

Prestige Classes Reprints and updates to the Veilbreaker and Veilshifter prestige classes, making them a bit more usable and a bit more functional!

Magic Items A rework to the akashic catalysts. Now with much clearer rules text to help this important staple magic item be a touch more usable and cause a few fewer headaches!

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