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Publisher: Red Panda Publishing

The Premise

Cleopatra is dead. Rome and Parthia struggle for control of the Fertile Crescent in a bid for world domination, while local politics in the Middle Kingdoms become increasingly divisive. The prophecies of the so-called “Messiah” have long been forgotten, and an ancient Evil lurks in the shadows, corrupting the hearts of humankind. Three of the wisest mystics known as the “Magi” travelled to Bethlehem following a star they believed to be a sign. They never returned. Hope grows dim as the world descends into darkness. What we need are answers… and those brave enough to seek them.

The Book

This 350+ page module adapts the historical setting of the year 26 CE into the 5th Edition rules set. This book includes an immersive campaign setting, as well as an adventure for characters of levels 1 – 10. The campaign runs parallel to the events of the Bible, so the party will constantly be encountering people and places that may be familiar from Bible stories, but the story unfolds in a way that allows the players to tell a story that is all their own!


The party will encounter powerful monarchs, ancient demons, mythic monsters, and moral dilemmas, all inspired by characters and creatures from the Bible.

Player Options

This setting includes 4 playable lineages (also sometimes called “races”), and 9 new subclasses that fit within the world of the first century. Along with these options are several new feats and backgrounds, as well as dozens of new spells and player character abilities to bring a fresh new approach to Fifth Edition adventuring.

The Idea

This project began as a simple effort to convert locations, characters, and monsters from the Bible into fifth edition stats for a personal home game. However, during this process we realized just how widespread the appeal of role-playing games was among youth groups and Bible studies that we talked to. Not only were Bible-enthusiasts playing, many of their Game Masters were struggling with the same difficult task we were: how do you run a game that is both true to the source material and fun to play? This question led us down a road filled with conversations, game design, and research that eventually yielded 350 pages of content. Our goal was not merely to present a list of people and places as they appeared in the Bible, but to create a unique adventure experience that brings the fun and spontaneity of 5E into the narrative of biblical storytelling. What we created was the Adventurer’s Guide to the Bible.

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