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Publisher: Outland Entertainment

Action-Heroes is a cinematic toolkit role-playing game that gives gaming groups the tools to play larger than life characters doing explosive actions that root them as the center of their world..

The game encourages heroic action that can inspire the players to become their own larger than life heroes. Action-Heroes encourages collaborative play in a group that give players the tools to play characters that are larger than life doing explosive action that roots them as the center of their world. Game masters have the tools to bring their favorite worlds to life, and set loose the players’ characters in them to find wide-screen, cinematic adventures. Playable by groups of three to six people, Action-Heroes needs a game master and players to launch you into world of adventure role-playing.

Action-Heroes is classless. It uses a point buy system that lets you customize the character that you want, and the power levels for characters are ranked according to “Action Levels” with a number of points to build from per level.
Action-Heroes is streamlined and cinematic. The system is on the lighter side mechanically, designed to be easy to figure out and easy to play. Resolution is a 3d6 system, and the game uses only six-sided dice for everything. The systems in the game are designed to make cross-genre play easier on the group.
Action-Heroes is a game about heroes. It’s right there in the game’s title. This game is about playing larger than life characters who want to uplift and make their world a better place. Game play is centered on the player characters being the stars of the story. There are sample characters that demonstrate the kinds of characters that you can make with this game.
Action-Heroes helps the GM. Notes provide advice for the game master for not just how to encourage cinematic play, but how to foster a collaborative play environment in the group, advice on building scenarios and encounters, along with a section of the book on using the rules of the game to build your own world (with examples!).
Action-Heroes is inspired by games the designer has played and run for decades. as a gamer. The game features simple, robust mechanics that can be used for a variety of genres and game world, combined with contemporary approaches like player empowerment and safety tools. You can play Action-Heroes in person or online with the same ease of play.
Action-Heroes utilizes the Open Gaming License. The mechanics are built with a number of open content gaming sources, creating a robust gaming system. Everything you need to play in the game.

This is the ashcan edition of Action-Heroes, to introduce you to the game before the launch of our Kickstarter this summer. Everything you will need to play the game is included in this edition. The final edition of the game will also have a series of appendices with an alternate magic system for the game, expanded discussion on using the game’s mechanics to build powers and abilities for characters, and rules for collaborative world-building that includes the entire group.

There are already adaptations of Outland Entertainment Worlds and supplements to expand the core rules in development for Action-Heroes, so expect a robust line of games and world in the upcoming years.

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