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Publisher: Icarus Games

You are invited to a night of adventure, intrigue, and mystery in this book of one-shot adventures for the fifth edition of the world’s oldest roleplay game. 

This book contains seven one-shot adventures designed to be as easy to run as possible without any prep. 

Each adventure includes summaries of each section to give the game master a quick overview of the upcoming scenes, as well as frequent read-aloud boxes, reminder boxes, and design notes to give game masters more context on events. Each adventure is complete with a map by Dyson Logos.

Included in the book are seven short adventures; 

The Blight of Fairwall (1st Level): The players must cure a cursed forest before it swallows another village. 
The First Seal (1st Level): The players must stop a cult from summoning their devourer god.
The Congress of Seven (3rd Level):  The players must recover a piece of the Rod of Law. 
Final Journey of the Couatl (3rd Level): The players must transport a set of cursed armor. 
Stalker of the Drifts (6th Level): The Players must find a lost child and defeat an icy monster. 
Happy Death Day (11th Level): The players are guests at a party, and the other guests are vampires!
The Tower of the Bone Devil (13th Level): The players must save a wizard from hell.

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