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Publisher: Schwalb Entertainment

A false Hope of Heaven is a small SotDl Supplement made to implement your game with ancestries, traditions, paths and other things that we, the Brazilian Community, think is going to be interesting for your campaigns.

We address a more referent and deeper theme to angels and castes without losing the essence of Shadow Of The Demon Lord. Illuminated winged beings, typical light against darkness. But how far would the light go to defeat the shadows?

Paradise is something relative to all, it is an absolute truth that we do not know what awaits us in the afterlife. How real is someone’s belief? We prepare new paths for this kind of belief.

The forgotten traditions are an inheritance revealed only to the children of the celestials, but some magicians are insistent enough to discover them.

Such cursed and enlightened weapons await in the deepest cave or the tallest tower, in the hands of an ancient wizard, buried in the midst of the Desolation or encrusted as a trophy in hell. Forgotten pages keeps secret items never revealed.

What would happen if these celestial beings were corrupted? A new list of monsters ready to terrorize your players on all levels!

Enjoy this first unofficial supplement from the SotDl Brazil Community and sorry for my english mistakes.

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