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Publisher: Red Ink Caravan

The Navigatorium is a mysterious and mythic place, its presence hidden away among the highest mountain tops, darkest tunnels, and even the deepest oceans. The guardian monks who protect these places are scholars as well as fighters, possessing immense power over themselves and the world around them. Their training involves opening and manipulating the pathways connecting Noroth to its neighboring planes. Through their ki, these monks can draw on the faerie charms of Evalon, the essence of death from Ossiria, or the hellfire of the Planes Below. Learning to use these gates is a dangerous endeavor, and very few are able to survive the full power of planar energy without succumbing to the forces of the multiverse.

This subclass was first featured in the setting book Aaralyn’s Stolen Notes to Velea, and has been made available for purchase as a standalone product.

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