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Publisher: Magi-Knights Project

Transform, Repel Aberrations, and Fight as a Team in 5e!

Designer: Magi-Knights Project
Compatible Systems: 5e Fantasy
Content: Player Supplement [Class, Item, Stat Generation]
Pages: 12

  Have you ever wanted to play a Magical Girl or Sentai-esque character in your favorite fantasy RPG? But you wanted special, well-thought out mechanics that made you feel like a character in Sailor Moon or Power Rangers that were also fairly balanced? Us too!

  At Magi-Knights Project, we’re incredibly passionate about Magical Girls & Sentai and even though we’ve successfully funded our Kickstarter for our own game system: Magi-Knights  the Roleplaying Game, we haven’t forgotten our gaming roots! As such, we would like to introduce to you: The 5e Magi-Knight in a PWYW format and fully compatible with any ongoing game! Not only that, but its filled to the brim with gorgeous art from our amazing, Magi-Knights artists!

Here’s what you can expect to find inside our PDF:

The Magi-Knight Class (1-20) with 3 Archetypes!
Special Abilities include:
– Team-Oriented Abilities & Archetypes (be a Leader, Defender, or Supporter)!
– The Mana Point Die (your Mana Points ebb and flow, empowering you in combat)!
– Use your Soul Crystal to transform into a powerful hero, but choose to do so wisely because your Soul Crystal can only transform you a limited number of times per day!
– A unique solution to the “whack-a-mole” issue of 5e: Crystalline Fractures & Your Soul Crystal. But beware, if your Crystalline Fractures hit 8– your hero dies!
New Party? Roll for your stats as a TEAM with our new mini-game: Observing Fate’s Infleunce!
Did your Magi-Knight meet a tragic end? Your legacy lives on in the form of a consumable magical item: The Shard of the Magi-Knight (bestowed to the party member of your choice by your Herald)!

Here are some quotes from our playtesters!

“Cute magical girls! Can’t wait to play this. It’s a whole magical girl experience to bring to the table!” – Serenity Silvermoon
“An interesting twist on your typical player character. Five out of Five Stars!” -Endarr
“There’s a pretty big chance that, that if you’re playing the only Magi-Knight in the party, you’ll be alone in a sea of murder hobos. Hopefully your ideals can inspire them to focus their destructive tendencies on the Invading Evil and not the [innocent] townsfolk! Great product!” – Mechageo
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