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Publisher: D10 Dimensions

Deep space facilities can be spaceports, space stations, bunkers, moon bases, cities, industrial installations, outposts, colonies, or scientific research stations. These facilities can act like homes and workplaces for both a crew and/or a population that can last for a few decades or centuries. And over time, people will naturally alter a space to fit their needs, personality and aesthetic. And over time, these choices can alter the very programming, space, and infrastructure of any facility. For better or worse.

This list is intended for any space setting (like Traveller, Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Opera, Rifts, Babylon 5, Cyberpunk, The Expanse, Mothership, Red Dwarf, etc.) where technology is not necessarily uniform or simple. This roleplaying tool gives you dozens of different ways to add a new and exciting dimension to the slum or impoverished part of that cold and lonely corner of the cosmos.

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format:

Roll result: A brief description of an odd feature for the slum / impoverished section of this facility.

Example 101: About 20% of the slum sits idle / unused with old infrastructure that has broken down and no one wants anymore.

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