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Publisher: Azukail Games

Lands used to raise crops and livestock are essential for feeding a country and are often deeper in said country’s heartland so that they are better protected. In a fantasy setting, better protected is not the same as safe. This supplement has 100 encounters for such regions, ranging from the curious to the mundane to the potentially dangerous. They can be used to enliven a journey or as potential adventure hooks.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

Around a field of otherwise ordinary looking crops (an Easy Farming roll or an Average Science (Nature) roll to confirm) is an earthen berm, at least 6′ tall.
At the end of a path leading to a cluster of farm buildings is a small stall with fresh vegetables laid out on it. An honesty box next to the vegetables holds a few (1d10) copper coins.
Behind a strong and sturdy fence are half a dozen horses in a verdant pasture. The horses seem (an Easy Ranching roll or an Average Farming roll) too high a quality to be farm animals.
Broken and rusted farm equipment lies in heaps and piles in an otherwise empty field next to a farmhouse.
Children from a nearby farm are harvesting fruit from the brambles that riddle a hedge surrounding a field.

One page is the front cover, one the front matter and one is ads.

The supplement is also available in the following versions: Pathfinder and system neutral. You do not need all versions.

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