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Publisher: Mongoose

Books can be a source of useful and important knowledge, but libraries are not filled with books that can be described as such. Shelves and databases will also hold books that are less useful; religious tracts, legends, histories, biographies, memoirs, scientific works and fiction. This supplement adds 100 different books that a Referee can use to flesh out a bookshelf. The books in this supplement cover the interstellar polity known as the Glorious Empire, former possessions and nearby regions. The polity is Aslan; the authors given are Imperial and, where an Imperial author is unlikely, these are the translators. Whether or not an individual book has anything useful in-game is up to the Referee; books can be founts of misinformation as well as knowledge.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

The Glorious Empire and the Ekhoaoiarl Corporation by Stefan Noble (The technological exchanges with the Ekhoaoiarl Corporation of the Hkakh system that helped the Glorious Empire have the highest average Tech Level in the coreward expanses of Aslan space)
The Glorious Empire in the Dustbelt by Arianna Opustil (An account of the military operations carried out by Empire mercenaries in the region)
The Glory of Saihlea by Mayke Byrne (A Glorious Empire book promoting how the human slave leaders, or saihlea, bring glory to the Empire)
The Imperial Guard by Mesay Deronda (Covers the earlier days of the force when it was one of the finest fighting forces in the Trojan Reach)
The Himei by Addisyn Khushk (On the training and use of the reptilian biped found on Ftulrois)

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