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Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing

Natalie Dane is struggling. Against the advice of friends and family, she embraced selling real estate, a career that’s gone nowhere fast. In fact, the owners of her agency have issued an ultimatum: sell the McAdoo House or clear out your office. The problem? The structure in question is over one-hundred-years old, seriously run down, and, according to potential buyers, has an odd feel to it. Enter Simon Grayson, a man with questionable experience in haunted houses and talents no sensible person should trust. Worse, he’s clearly oblivious to Nat’s figure flaws, an attitude that flatters as much as alarms her. Focused on saving her career and struggling with low self-esteem, she has used her busy days as an excuse to avoid men. Simon, with his easy smile and blatant compliments, could easily break down her emotional barriers. She knows she’d be smart to avoid him. But times are hard, and Natalie is desperate–so desperate that she hires the guy in spite of his charm and good look.

Can Simon work his magic not only on the house, but on the woman trying to sell it? And what will happen when the job is done and it’s time for him to ride his Harley into the sunset?

Available in EPUB, Kindle and PDF formats.

This title is published by Uncial Press and distributed by Untreed Reads.

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