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Publisher: Glenda Norwood Petz

With a Category 5 hurricane barreling towards the southeast coast of Florida, Kayla Woodbridge is forced to cut her beach vacation with her children short and return home to prepare for the coming storm. Boone Chadwick, a new friend she met at the beach, isn’t as concerned about the impending storm as Kayla is and refuses to heed her warnings to vacate the island. When the causeway bridge, the only road on and off the island, is destroyed after being struck by a barge, Boone gets stranded with eleven others from his hotel, their location in the direct path of Hurricane Phillipe’s landfall.
Back at home in Nanette, Kayla is forced to face the storm alone with her children after her husband is arrested and charged with murder.
The catastrophic hurricane also has another target in his sight – the protective dike surrounding Lake Okeechobee. Is the levee strong enough to withstand 150 mph winds, or will Phillipe be the hurricane that brings it down?

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