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Publisher: Rainbow Crush

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words, especially when you’re writing out a Father’s Day card. You want to express yourself in a way that’s heartfelt without being too sappy. Or maybe you just want to make your cool dad laugh. Either way, you can put a smile on his face with words that reflect the kind of relationship you share. In this collection, you’ll find sentiments applicable to biological fathers, adoptive dads, stepdads, fathers-in-law, grandfathers or any man who plays a fatherly role in your life

Kick your fear of “Blank Inside” cards to the curb. Or put your artistic skills to use and make your own! No need to worry about what you’ll write inside. 

Whether your relationship is difficult or idyllic, you’re sure to find the ideal sentiment for Dad in “What Should I Write? 101 Father’s Day Wishes for Greeting Cards.”

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