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Publisher: Griot Enterprises

The groundbreaking series celebrates its 20th anniversary with The Horsemen: Birth of the Spark!

Written and Illustrated by Jiba Molei Anderson, The Horsemen: Birth of the Spark is an 80-page, 8.5″ X 11″ “Treasury-sized” volume, which continues the New Mythology saga with four stories filled with metaphysical intrigue, psychedelic locales, and pure Afrofantastic action!

Witness a reinterpretation of The High Concept, the very first Horsemen story published in the now-legendary 1999 Griot Preview Book!

The first Orisha makes her entrance and commands your respect as the Elder Champions of Creation face their greatest challenge in The Consonance: Revelations!

The Claw of Akebulan. The Counsel of Gaia. They are the daughters of the Lion and the Grace and mothers to the children of the Avenger. Discover the truth behind the emergence of the Orisha in Shango: Birth of the Spark!

The bill comes due as The Horsemen come face to face with humanity’s spiritual rot in The Last Day!

The Horsemen: Birth of the Spark will also feature pin-ups by indie comics legend Shawn Alleyne and rising star Aries Art along with articles by Wingless Entertainment founder Brian J. Lambert & scholar Lisa Kottas including a foreword by the co-architect of the Black Comix movement, John Jennings (Kindred, Parable of the Sower, Black Kirby) plus plenty of bonus materials celebrating this momentous milestone!

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