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Publisher: Egg Embry Publishing

IN OUR DREAMS AWAKE #1: A Cyberpunk/Fantasy Adventure

Jason Byron can’t wake up. Each moment feels real, yet each moment feels like a dream. The beginning of a dreampunk comic book series.


Jason Byron dreams of two lives. In one fantasy, magi reactionaries won, technology is banned, and Jason is a portrait painter hiding a contraband telescope. In the other world, he leads a cyberpunk gang amid a future of flooded cities and gilled aliens. When he closes his eyes in one world, he awakes in the next. Jason’s only desire is to wake up in the arms of his true love, Laura… Uh, or is it Fem’a Lin?… If only he knew which one was real?!

In a society ruled by mages, Jason Byron is a master artist trying to provide for his family. He has a secret heirloom, a telescope. With it he can see the stars, but can he see the trouble his illegal piece of technology will bring to his family?

In drowning London, Jason Byron deals in chum, the hottest drug among aliens. He and his true love are trying to escape their world. Can they keep the peace long enough to get away before the world is pulled beneath the waves? 

In Our Dreams Awake is the story of what happens when both of those worlds begin to spin out of control. What happens when Jason no longer knows which world is the dream and which one is reality?

In Our Dreams Awake comes from co-creators John McGuire and Egg Embry. The first issue of this mini-series features two dreams, the first illustrated by Edgar Salazar with the second by Rolands Kalniņš. Both artists provide covers in addition to Sean Hill’s variant. Written for fans of love stories, dreampunk, steampunk, and cyberpunk, this comic offers an engaging mystery with amazing artwork. This story is about love and loss and asking the big questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? Who do I love?


“I’m gonna tell you that [In Our Dreams Awake #1] is a very positive case of ‘what the hell did I just read?’.” – Paul @ The Pullbox

“Switching to the second section was very jarring, but within the context of the full issue was done well. Splicing two very different comics in everything from style, colour, tone, and writing to create this weird chimera was a big gamble which I think pays off.” – Adam Brown @ BIG COMIC PAGE

“Jason Byron lives a literal double life through his dreams. In one potential reality, magic reigns supreme while technology has been banned; Jason lives as a portrait painter and loves Laura. In another potential reality, crowded cities are filled by aliens with gills; Jason is the head of a cyberpunk gang and loves Fem’a Lin. But which of these supposed dreams is real? Rebellion abounds as In Our Dreams Awake asks this question and more as these two worlds begin to collide.” – Nicole D’Andria @ Comic Frontline’s interview with John McGuire

“In the Taoist tradition of the Zhuangzi – in which a man wakes from a dream in which he was a butterfly with no knowledge of being human; a dream so vivid that he is uncertain if he is a man dreaming he is a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he is a man – Jason Byron is a mystery to himself.” – Zak Webber @ Sci-Fi Comic Nexus

“The book is a blend of multiple genres and art styles, all tied together by the broader themes of love and questioning reality. The story of In Our Dreams Awake follows Jason Byron, a man who falls asleep in one world and awakens in another, and neither world is an exact parallel of the ‘real world’.” – Blake Worrell @ The Splintering


Fight the system, even in your dreams. In Our Dreams Awake is a dreampunk comic book about rebellion. Within every dream, Jason Byron battles against the establishment, whether it is the one he labors within or the one he built. Those dreams are a tapestry of settings, each one an artificial flavor of punk tastes – Cyber, Dream, and Steam.

This project takes inspiration from Sandman, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Blade Runner, Inception, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Dreamscape, What Dreams May Come, Dream Within a Dream, Black Mirror: San Junipero, The Sopranos: Funhouse, Deckard’s dream in Blade Runner, and every life we’ve lived while our eyes were clamped shut.

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