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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A four-hour adventure for tier 1 characters. Optimised for APL 3.

 CONTENT WARNING: Mind Control, Loss, the Ocean, and Deep Water.



Visit the dark and colourful domain of Thalassia, at the bottom of a Feywild sea. Here your greatest desire literally lights your way through hostile darkness. Help find a missing dryad, while whale song causes the corals of the reef to awaken and demand their rights.
This is the second adventure set in Thalassia. It’s not necessary to play the previous module (Heartfire Lost) first, but there are spots where choices made in that module can impact this one, for good or ill.
This adventure has some psychedelic horror elements, and makes use of the optional Madness rule from the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It tells a story of madness and loss, and may not be to everyone’s tastes. It is also a colourful adventure, filled with detail and energy. Thalassia is a unique underwater setting, packed to the gills with details both serious and silly: greedy crabs, political corals, shipwrecks, underwater dryads, mind control, talking whales, and some seriously weird maps.




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