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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

What do I get?

Playable Lineage Rules For Cambions, Incubi and Succubi. 
12 infernally thematic Feats in a structured feat selection tree.
1 Cambion Sorcerer NPC statblock

Sure, you’re a nice DM. You want to give your players what they want. But when what they want is to play “Something from the Monster Manual”, then that’s just not practical. Or is it? 

More infernal than a tiefling, this half-blood playable lineage is closer to a cambion, incubus or succubus. Their infernal blood is around 50%, intermixed more or less equally with the blood of their mortal ancestors.

DMs may allow Players to use this material to create an infernal PC whose exotic traits remain level and tier appropriate. Alternatively the structures suggested here can be used following the character generation rules to create interesting half-blood NPCs that meld existing class abilities and infernal traits or added on an ad hoc basis to existing creature stat blocks. So DMs can create Demicubui or Cambions with a range of CRs and fully realize their bizarre concept for a half-succubus-halfgrung, or a Merlinesque old “Cambion Sorcerer”. We’ve presented the more traditional half demon magician option here.

Our approach to playable monsters begins with the use of Tasha’s custom lineages, or the selection of the closest available official race or lineage choice, but we don’t stop there. We break down all of the cooler powers and features of the monster stat block and rebuild them as an optional feat tree. This lets players select the aspects of the monster they find most appealing as the character levels up. By making PCs pay for the cool bits using their ASI increases and carefully arranging the feat tree structures, the power level of the new monstrous PC is kept firmly in line with the rest of the party.

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