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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This adventure is playable as a standalone game that can be dropped into any fantasy campaign, or played as part of the adventure path The Wolf in the Sky. It centers on infiltration of a dangerous enemy city and defeat of mad cultists. You may benefit from having Background available free online, and all previous episodes;–Background-and-optional-Episode-1  – free maps, images and PCs – the introductory video

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Please enjoy your journey to free a nation abandoned of their gods from the divine monstrosity that is The Wolf in the Sky.


Years ago, the Kantern Prophecy bespoke of one worthy to wield the greenflame blade of the paladins of Mon Kumon who could defeat the Wolf in the Sky. For years the true believers have trained and prepared, and now they await the arrival of legend; however, led by a pragmatic megalomanic they have decided to try and take certain matters into their own hands. By slaying the carrier of the blade and anointing their preferred hero with their blood they hope to transfer the prophecy to themselves. But now, that means killing a relative…

Available to any campaign

This game works well as a single shot, or dropped into any campaign that needs a quest to locate a powerful object from a powerful organization in an enemy city. You are welcome to use the setting for the nation of Abandon (see Appendixes).

This game leaps right into the action. In this game, PCs are sponsored by a powerful arch druid to infiltrate a dangerous, run down, cesspool of a capital city. There they must find a book, the Concealed Codex, which might contain hidden secrets for bringing down a cruel deity The Wolf in the Sky, rumored to be in the city Archives. The druid cannot go with them, but Transport Via Plants them right to the woods just outside the front gate. After giving them the final warnings, they are on their own.

The game assumes PCs have acquired powerful magical items of legend, which they must hide, that signify they are the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. These include the Scimitar of Lady Fang, the Sword of Sir Green, and cursed Quicksilver (see appendix). As soon as you are confident players understand the quest and their roles, begin play.

Desperate to take down the Wolf, an insane cult appeals to his bodyguard to turn against her master…

Goal: Deal with a mad cult, and claim their treasures held in reserve for this very time, including the legendary Concealed Codex.

Aesthetic: A broken city and dusty library leads to a hidden cult. Desperate for salvation, even good men turn to demonic inspired folly. Great knowledge is again weighed as nothing against a soul-consuming fear. 

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