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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A jaunt through a dark and misty forest might just give you more than you bargained for… 

New from B.C. Howl Publishing

One Page Tales are quick and easy scenes that DMs may add to any campaign when travel or visits to towns slow down the pace or, you just haven’t had time to prepare enough. They are designed for all content to be available for you on ONE PAGE to make it easy to work from a printed document (A3 recommended), a computer screen or tablet.

No other prep should be required!!

They are intended for no more than 2-3 hours of play time to take up 25-50% of your session.

The Spicy Scenes Series is intended to provide ‘old school’ spice to your adventuring group. They are designed to be simple, setting-neutral mini-adventures to evoke the ‘feel’ of campaigns gone by.

Author: Derek Mark Hibberd * Design/Art: Derek Mark Hibberd * Cover Art: Matt McKinley

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