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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This class covers three things that i know many feel the game has needed for a while:

1. A class based on Constitution

2. Something to do with constitution as an ability score.

3. Non-spell-based Telekinesis.

For a while now i’ve seen these subjects discussed in real life and on the internet, and I present my own interpretation of an answer, based on this rationale I use as tenet in the creation of this class:

“Telekinesis is not projecting the mind; it’s projecting the body. To exist and have impact, where you do not.”

The somatist is exactly that: A non-caster class that manipulates physical integrity, to various ends, one of whom is telekinesis. But over all, the class does so much more. Mechanically somewhere between monks and barbarians, Somatists utilize dance as a means of controlled manipulation of the body, to channel a variety of different powers, manipulating their bodies and using their fortitude to affect their environments.

I’ve already integrated the class into my world and games, to very pleasing effects. 

Feedback is most welcome!

Please check out my other classes, as I attempt to cover some of D&D’s mechanical needs.

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