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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

What curse drives you?

The Curseblood Collective is a 24-page supplement for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons that focuses on Sorcerers inspired by classic horror movie monsters and their 5th Edition incarnations.

Inside, you’ll find the following:

Five new subclass options, including the transforming Beastblood, the supportive Rotblood, the dungeon-boss-in-training Sireblood, the curse-touched Corpseblood variants Tarblood and Bogblood, and an optional variant for Sireblood for those that just want to destroy things with raw arcane might.

One new Metamagic option focused wholly on modifying your AoE Spells.

Six new feats based on spellcasting; allowing players to apply conditions, bypass resistances, and bolster their damage and healing.

Five new magical items ranging from Uncommon to Rare

Ten new spells ranging from Cantrips to 3rd Level, including an alternative for True Strike.

To give you an idea of what each subclass has to offer, let’s take a brief moment to address each.

The Beastbloods, a hybrid subclass that progresses from ranged combat to pure melee as their transformations grow stronger.

The Rotbloods, a support subclass that buffs allies, grants Temporary HP, and has a hard time dying and staying dead thanks to their phylacteries.
The Sirebloods, a hybrid DPS subclass that is considerably more RP-focused. It has a progressive camp / base-building feature for a unique spin on things.

The Corpsebloods, a tanky hybrid subclass that focuses on unarmed melee strikes and retaliating against being attacked. It’s split between two flavors, the Bogbloods and Tarbloods

The Variant Sirebloods, a DPS subclass that forgoes the basebuilding and focuses on pure destruction.

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