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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Enjoy 20 adventure hooks and a quirky way to get your players to do some quests. The adventure machine is a vending machine of magic and wonder with a hidden secret. 

The Adventure Machine!

The vending machine of hooks is a great device to help give your players an easy way to obtain quests! I made this as a way of celebrating my upcoming release of the Book of Hooks! Stay tuned for the release. Preregister for the book at here!

The Location of the Machine:

Given its magical nature, the vending machine can be placed anywhere. It could be isolated in a field, on the side of a less traveled road, or in a back alley in a crowded city.

Operating the Machine:

The machine requires one platinum piece to operate. Once fed the designated coin, the machine will gently whir, creating a series of ratcheting clicks, pen strokes, and puffs until a small scroll is dispensed at the bottom of the machine tied together with a small red bow.

The dispensed scroll provides a hook as written below and a low-detail map that directs the vendor to the location of the hook. The map is not very detailed, only providing necessary information to direct the user. The map information is relative to the location of the point of dispensing.

Once the prompt within the scroll has been satisfied, the scroll singes into a puff of smoke, creating a popping sound, not dissimilar to the opening of a can of pop.

The Machine’s Construction:

The vending machine is magical in function. Upon a DC 25 (strength) athletics check or a DC 20 (dexterity) thieves tool check the machine can be opened. Inside the machine is a crystal ball, a writing quill, 25gp worth of paper, and 10gp worth of writing ink, as well as a dense
amalgamation of mechanical contraptions. The machine is constructed of steel, brass, wood, and other mundane construction materials.

The Secret to the Machine:

The machine is being operated by a remote source, an insane wizard who has placed many more similar machines in other cities, secluded areas and even other planes of existence. Each of the quests he produces in the contraptions serve a purpose for a wizard, though no one could conceive of how they’re all interconnected.

Due to the confusing and mysterious nature of the machines, most people avoid them entirely.

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