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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Clock is Ticking

Tol’Vain is actually an ancient Silver Dragon. He has taken human form to give him the ability to be among them more freely. In his past, Tol’Vain was a supportive and helpful friend to humanity and all creatures. Unfortunately, humanity far too often double crossed or attacked him trying to steal his massive amount of loot or gain access to his knowledge or magical abilities. After centuries of this, Tol’Vain could take no more and his attitude toward all creatures began to change. In his mind, he would be saving humanity by controlling them. To that end, Tol’Vain’s minions capture creatures from all over the land with varying backgrounds to place inside his dungeon so they can be studied. Will he gather the information needed to start his war on humanity or will this new group rise to the occasion and put a stop to his trials?

This is a timed dungeon adventure inspired by the escape room games. The players will have 24 in game hours to escape the dungeon. After an initial conversation with Tol’Vain, the clock will start. This is a puzzle/roleplay heavy game with just enough combat mixed in to keep it interesting. Will your players be able to escape? Or, will the perish in the interdimensional chaos? Only time will tell.

About This Adventure

A fun and exciting adventure that has a little bit of everything; puzzles, combat, roleplaying, and exploration
Made for 3-5 fifth level characters
Can be dropped into any setting
Starting Level: 5
Sessions: 3-6
Hours Per: 3-4
System: 5E
Price: $4.99Read More