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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) meets the wild, wild west in this short one-shot adventure created for 4-5 5th-level characters. The town of Rose Creek sits nestled in the far reaches of the desert. Here, life is simple- average townsfolk live their day-to-day lives, attempting to strike it rich out west. But without a lawmaster in every small town, robbers and thieves run rampant in the land, but none are more notorious than the Alexander sisters- the Twin Tirades. The two have the town of Rose Creek under their thumb, turning the small mining village into their own personal headquarters to hideout from the law and store the massive treasures they’ve collected from early highwaymen to some of the most infamous robbers in the land.

In this one shot, you answer the call to hunt down Inez “The Trigger” and Winnie “The Ace” Alexander, going undercover to try and infiltrate their headquarters, the Foxfire Casino, and bring them in dead or alive for the massive bounty on their heads. These gals ain’t your normal thieves, either. Inez is a master of firearms as one of the quickest shots in the west. Winnie is a tinkerer of sorts, using her innate smarts to fight smarter, not harder, through use of the arcane. Throughout the town of Rose Creek, they’ve got goons under their employ in droves, keeping an eye out for their bosses. The job is most currently dangerous, but rewarding for adventurers willing to put their necks on the line.

Will the adventurers be able to rustle up the information and gall to take on the most notorious bandits in the west?

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