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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Channel the resplendent majesty of the cosmos into words of wonder and horror with the Starsinger Bard.

Some bards find their inspiration in everyday things or the terrestrial beauty of the world but some seek it in the vast pin-pricked tapestry of night and the things beyond. Unleash cosmic glory and eldritch horror on your foes with reality-bending songs that overwhelm the senses and warp the body and mind. Gain renewed insight from the dying minds of your audience and wrap them in inescapable chains of terror and light.

The Starsinger supplement includes: 

The Starsinger Bard subclass.

4 new magic items.

4 new spells.

2 stat blocks for Starsinger Bards.

2 iconic Starsinger NPCs.

Lore for the Starsingers and their bond with the cosmos and the horrible things that lurk beyond.

The Starsinger is the third entry in our Horrific Heroes series, warped protagonists with frightening abilities and compromised hearts. Perfect for a Ravenloft or other Horror campaign, a Halloween one shot or a long running campaign with a touch of the macabre.

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