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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Sorrow and the Valeguards are back! The people of the Western Heartlands need your valor!

Celesta, prophet of the moon-goddess Selûne, has abandoned her destiny!
Pledging herself to  Malar’s service, Celesta leads a deadly revolt in the Misty Forest commanding orcs, slaying wood elves, and controlling the beasts of the wood.
A blood sacrifice at the full moon’s apogee consolidates her rulership over Druids’ Circle unless Sorrow and the Valeguards can stop her!

Continue the drama of Sorrow’s Ruin and Valeguard Spire!
Engage with memorable, three dimensional non-player characters of Secomber
Encounter iconic faiths of Faerûn
Rescue the Wood Elves from Malar, god of the Hunt!

Ideal for your virtual table top!

Glorious, gridded and non-gridded maps of all locations.
Outdoor maps have night and daytime versions!

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