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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A wandering wizard breaks a crystal globe on the ground to animate a magical oasis. A band of rugged desert dwarves construct items of wonder in colorful glass workshops. Swarms of insects, mirages and venomous critters makes travel in the deserts no small feat for wandering adventurers. Prepare yourself, and your friends around the table, for the wondrous travels into desert lands with this supplement of:

3 new subclasses: the Blood Mage for Sorcerers, the Conservationist for Artificers, and the Way of the Iron Sands for Monks!
3 new races: The Desert Dwarf, the Avariel Elf, and the Gremlin!
17 new magic items, and a section to help you determine the origin and lore of magic items in your desert games.
New rules for hazards in the desert, including new diseases and environmental hazards.
New tools, mounts and instruments.
A section covering the flora of desert settings, with new herbs and other interesting plants and remedies.
A section dedicated to help you worldbuild a desert setting, along with random lists to help you produce ideas for your own setting.
A list of helpful descriptors to assist you when preparing descriptions for your desert setting.
A comprehensive list of 100 desert locations to help you prepare fantastical locations and inspire new adventures.

With your new guide to desert adventures in hand, the golden dunes of the vast sands will never bore you, or your players again!

This supplement was designed to be respectful to real world cultures associated with the deserts. I do not live in such an environment myself, and do not presume to be an expert on sensitive topics, such as culture from these parts of the world. If you find any content to be disrespectful, please let me know so that I may edit it in future updates.

I hope you will enjoy your journeys! 

Thank you!

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