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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Save more than 25% off four exciting solo adventures by Elfypunk!

The Shadow Over Nettle Bundle contains these solo adventures:

The Crypt of Elder Hallen: A tribe of invading goblins disturbs a generations-old crypt. (Level 1-2)
The Shadow of Serpentridge Hollow: Infiltrate or assault a bizarre cult to save the town of Nettle. (Level 1-2)
Danger at Twincross Gully: A tribe of elves seeks to reclaim their sacred site from a goblin warband. (Level 1-4)
The Ruins of Fafe Edhil: Discover the secret of gnoll rampagers who desecrate the sacred elven site. (Level 1-4)

The adventures can be played:

Solo (without a DM)
Duet (one player, one DM)
In a small group, with a DM and two players.

The adventures can easily be incorporated into any campaign setting.

Here’s a link to each adventure listing:

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