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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

An adventure for four to seven 6th-level characters

The black dragon, Sjachmalsvir, has terrorized Delimbiyr Vale for far too long. In this epic conclusion to the Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale campaign, the characters trek into Lizard Marsh for a final showdown with the infamous dragon Sjachmalsvir, also known as “Shadow of Evil, Thoss Fyurnen, the Chosen of Talona, and Swallower of Suns.”

Take your party on a rare, mile-by-mile, classic hex-crawl through the infamous Lizard Marsh, where they will discover an ancient ziggurat, battle dinosaurs, and explore a millenias-old, kobold-infested, sunken temple. 

In addition to a primary adventure hook to the Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale campaign, this module includes two additional hooks you can use to play one-shot adventures. 

This adventure includes:

Printer-friendly PDF including black-and-white DM maps
Accessible PDF
Four full-color, hi-res, scalable battlemaps suitable for uploading to virtual tabletops

Sample Battlemaps and DM Maps

The Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale campaign contains the following modules:

Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale Campaign Starter
Last Stop to Daggerford
Desecration of Morninglow Tower
Return of the Amberguls
Secret Beneath Sword Hills
Treachery of the Guildmasters
Clash at Secomber
Venture into Hastarl
Last Stand at Mishka’s Warren
Rescue from Cromm’s Hold
Shadow of Evil
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