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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Let’s face it. While Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition is arguably the best edition to-date (at least, if you’re using sales numbers and the size of the player base as an indicator of quality), it’s hardly perfect. In fact, if you only have access to the core rulebooks, many classes have massive problems, either because certain class features are weak or too narrow, or because the subclasses are unhelpful or even outright harmful to the base class. The optional class features in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything helped with that, but you know what? Why not make more? There’s still more work to be done, so that’s what this book is for!

Inside these digital covers, you will find:

Optional class features for barbarians, bards, fighters, monks, paladins, rangers, rogues, and warlocks, primarily geared towards broadening the kinds of playstyles and builds that each class supports, occasionally shoring up extant weaknesses of the classes that Tasha’s did not address.

At least two new subclasses for every class!

The Necroscientist, a Dr. Frankenstein-esque artificer that raises the undead with arcane science.
The Shipwright, an artificer of the seas that can control water and summon boats.

The Path of the Bloodletter, a barbarian that heals their allies by spilling blood, controlling their own blood to become even more resilient to harm.
The Path of the Whirlwind, a barbarian that becomes a whirling storm of steel and death.

The College of Theft, for bards that like to be very… “literal” with their inspirations. After all, all creativity is theft.
The College of Workers, a communally-minded bard equally at home setting the beat on a job site as a battlefield.


The Binding Domain, masters of contracts and laws to call to service creatures from across the planes
The Fortune Domain, granted the divine ability to peer into the future and put their thumbs on the scales of probability
The Travel Domain, masters of the places between places, and traversing them.

The Circle of Alienism, druids that tap into the strange, monstrous, and aberrant parts of the natural world
The Circle of Vegetation, druids that place their focus almost wholly on the green, growing things of the world, becoming walking wellsprings of vegetal growth and even adopting the form of ambulatory plants.

The Paragon, a fighter that uses themselves as a symbol to urge their allies to greatness and keep them fighting when they otherwise could not.
The Verdant Knight, stalward defenders of nature with just a touch of druidic magic

The Way of the Comet, monks that toss ki-powered thrown weapons, battling in the eye of a storm of flying weapons.
The Way of the Fiend, monks that tap into the brutal and terrifying combat methods employed by denizens of the lower planes.
The Way of Surprise, experts with nearly anything they can get their hands on, including their foes’ weapons and random detritus on the battlefield.

The Oath of Knowledge, an arcane-adjacent oath for those paladins looking to lean more into magic and mage-hunting.
The Oath of Secrets, deceptive and stealthy paladins that favor subtlety and mobility.

The Cover Combatant, a defensive ranger that can make the most of any obstructions on the battlefield to become a master of the suspiciously waist-high wall.
The Spectral Hunter, who taps into deathly energies to become a phantom of the battlefield, slipping in and out of reach as easily as they do the material and ethereal.

The Divine Trickster, a rogue blessed by the gods and granted a measure of clerical power and mastery over hypnotic lights.
The Swordbreaker, a vanguard of a rogue that eschews treachery in favor of protecting their allies by breaking the offense of their opponents and drawing ire their way.

The Death-Touched, sorcerers infused with necrotic energies that draw undead to their sides and empower them.
The Steel Sorcerer, bonded to weapons an armor to become a front-line fighting force to do their ancestors tied to the forge or the battlefield proud.

The Far Scholar, a patron once of the material world that broke into the Far Realm and mastered a measure of it, reaching back into their former home to grant a measure of their timeless, ever-changing, knowledge-seeking power to those that seek to follow in their footsteps.
The Great Wyrm, the most powerful of dragonkind, who deign to gift mortals with their vast draconic power.

The Resurrectionist, wizards of life and death that can warp one into the other, turning healing into harm and harm into healing.
The Shadowmage, a master of darkness and subtlety, specializing in magic to hide and conceal.
The Spellthief, wizards who believe the best teacher is experience. Preferrably other people’s experience, that they can then use get ahead in a fraction of the time.

Six new “trap” style spells for the ranger!

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