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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

An adventure for four to seven 6th-level characters

The evil succubus, Pencheska, has been polymorphed into Lady Morwen Daggerford’s likeness for years. After confronting Pencheska about its plot to overthrow the town of Daggerford, the characters launch a daring raid on Cromm’s Hold in an attempt to rescue the real Lady Daggerford from the dungeon of the politically overzealous Baroness Wynn Cromm.

While on the adventure, the characters have the opportunity to recover two magic items and be awarded knighthood in the Daggerford duchy. Also included is a campaign-specific description of Lawflame, the magic, sentient longsword of the Daggerford rulers. Finally, this module includes an optional side quests from DDV01 and custom stat blocks for Pencheska, Lady Morwen Daggerford, Baroness Wynne Cromm, and other classic NPCs dating all the way back to D&D Next’s Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle

In addition to a primary adventure hook to the Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale campaign, this module includes two additional hooks you can use to play one-shot adventures, including as a “Featured Encounter” for Storm King’s Thunder

This adventure includes:

Printer-friendly PDF including black-and-white DM maps
Accessible PDF
Ten full-color, hi-res, scalable battlemaps suitable for uploading to virtual tabletops, including day and night variants
One player-handout

Sample Battlemaps and DM Maps

The Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale campaign contains the following modules:

Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale Campaign Starter
Last Stop to Daggerford
Desecration of Morninglow Tower
Return of the Amberguls
Secret Beneath Sword Hills
Treachery of the Guildmasters
Clash at Secomber
Venture into Hastarl
Last Stand at Mishka’s Warren
Rescue from Cromm’s Hold
Shadow of Evil
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