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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“All of a sudden, this mass of obsidian slime lurches out of the muck and starts flailing a bunch of pseudopods all over the place. The elf calmly approaches it, and starts to mutter under her breath. After a couple of seconds, the slime calms and sinks back into the mud. I didn’t think it was possible to talk to slimes like that, but thank the gods that elf could do it. I really wasn’t keen on the idea of being melted by that thing.” – Snrub’s Obscure Lore You Should Know For Sure, Volume 18, Chapter 8.

At 3rd level, a ranger gains the Ranger Archetype feature, which offers you the choice of a subclass. Serious Wizness presents a new option for the slick survivalist: the Oozemaster.

Oozemasters possess an innate connection with all things slimy and gelatinous. Over time, this unique bond causes their minds and bodies to slowly warp and shift to mimic their oozy friends.

With your purchase you receive:

The Oozemaster Ranger Archetype option for the Ranger class

3 new magic items

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