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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Priesthoods of Faerun

This supplement contains full subclasses for 10 different speciality priesthoods each dedicated to a different deity within the Forgotten Realms pantheon. Each of these subclasses is taken at level one of the cleric class instead of picking a domain. They represent priests and priestesses dedicated specifically to their deity rather than a single domain from within their purview.

Table Of Contents

1 Priesthoods of Faerun

1.1 Dawnbringer (Lathander)

1.2 Demarch (Mask)

1.3 Gondsman (Gond)

1.4 Frostkissed (Auril)

1.5 Heartwarder (Sune)

1.6 Loremaster (Oghma)

1.7 Moonmaiden (Selune)

1.8 Nightbringer (Shar)

1.9 Servant of Mystery (Mystra)

1.10 Watcher (Helm)

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