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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Explore Grellspace to help the Space Rangers rescue a captured Grung Ensign from the psi-salt slave mines!

This 27 page Voidfarer’s Guide to the Verse adventure contains:
– Space Ranger Watchtowers, a fleet of mobile search-and-rescue stations dotting the galaxy.
– New Vehicle: the Catfiship.
– A new Wildspace system with recurring conflict!
– Industrial wasteland Unicorns and pack-hunting giant Tumbleweeds!
– Colonial Grell in three nasty flavors: Warrior, Philosopher and Patriarch.
– A heroic stand that becomes a climactic battle reaching from the ground into space above! 
– A number of named Space Ranger characters and Wasteland Survivors, plus one tentacle of an evil alien empire determined to reclaim its psi-salt mines, that can all become permanent fixtures of your spelljamming or scifantasy campaign in the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

The entire Voidfarer’s Guide to the Verse series is a medical fundraiser for Narcissa’s IVF treatments, so a huge thanks to all our supporters!

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